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                                  T.J. LEE






TJ Lee is the Operations Manager for STARadio Corp in Great Falls, lucky enough to work middays on Great Falls Rock Station, Q106!

TJ has had quite the life. TJ was born a LONG TIME AGO in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and grew up primarily in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Growing up in a very musical family (there were exceptions!), it's not hard to see why he wound up on the air, but it took some time to get there. 

After deciding (with help from his sophomore speech teacher Mr. Weber) that radio might be a good career choice…, that, or a lifetime of playing the spoons with his cat in some alley, TJ graduated high school and ended up attending Brown Institute in Minneapolis, MN. After graduation, TJ felt a calling to give back to a country that had given him so much, so he joined the United States Air Force. After tours in Central & South America, Korea, as well as short stints in the states, TJ decided to follow his dream and pursue that radio career.

TJ came to Great Falls, because he heard it was not only a beautiful part of the country, but the people were friendly and fun. He says that was an understatement!

TJ's been in Great Falls since 1995 and can't see himself going anywhere else. He loves the community, the military ties here, and of course playing your kinda rock on Q106!


Drop TJ an e-mail anytime @


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