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Monday, Oct 22

Join Lou Brutus on hardDrive XL for the loudest rock music on your radio! Lou is joined every night by featured artist Papa Roach! Tonight’s special guest is Badflower! Plus, Lou’s bringing the good times with Poetry Corner, Weird World News and It Came From the Web! 

Friday, Oct 19

Rock out this Friday night on hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus! Featured artist Bullet For My Valentine returns to outline their tour plans for Lou! Special guest Papa Roach will stop in to talk new music! Lzzy Hale returns to answer … Continue reading

Thursday, Oct 18

Lou Brutus goes to 11 every night on hardDrive XL! Featured artist Bullet For My Valentine will tell Lou about playing festivals! Special guest Disturbed will tell Lou how they write songs! If your neighbor won’t stop buzzing your house with … Continue reading

Wednesday, Oct 17

Lou Brutus plays the rock music you love on hardDrive XL! Featured artist Bullet For My Valentine returns to talk to Lou! Slash is Lou’s special guest tonight! If you’ve got questions about the music biz, call 877-MUSIC-11 and Ask Lou!

Tuesday, Oct 16

If it’s not on hardDrive XL, then it doesn’t rock hard enough! Tonight, Lou Brutus asks featured artist Bullet For My Valentine about making videos! Lou’s special guest Sully Erna will share his tips about getting into tour shape with … Continue reading

Monday, Oct 15

Lou Brutus is here to play the loud rock music you love on hardDrive XL! Joining Lou every night this week as featured artist is Bullet For My Valentine! Lou’s special guest tonight is Jonathan Davis! It’s a new SMASH or CRASH showdown … Continue reading